prepare brief summary responding following deliverable length 4 6 paragraphs




As a professional intelligence analyst, you have agreed to make a brief oral presentation to a college course in Homeland Security and Terrorism. Specifically, you have been asked to explain how a terrorist is created.


Prepare a brief summary responding to the following: Deliverable Length: 4 6 paragraphs


1.            What are the conditions that can create a terrorist?


2.            What are the religious, cultural, economic and/or political conditions that can lead to the   recruitment and development of terrorists?


3.           Choose one terrorist organization, or country that harbors terrorists, on which to focus when discussing the conditions or factors that can lead to the development of a terrorist.


Instructor Comments:  there are 3 questions here that need answers…research them well and provide good detailed answers for them


 Must have a min. of 2 reliable references with website listed.






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