Project management systems – Create a Project Charter, Scope Statement, WBS, schedule,plan, and Risk Matrix

See the attached Charter Template


Project Scope:        Design and schedule the installation of a computer network for a small hotel servicing 450 guest rooms, 1 ball room for major events, 9 meeting rooms, 1 bar/restaurant, and a vendor that provides proactive network monitoring services –  equipment should include all necessary routers/switches/servers and include back office equipment for admin offices such as phones, printers and computers, software and equipment for billing and guest tracking systems, software and equipment for restaurant ordering systems, a guest wireless and wired internet network ( Must be a separate network from Hotel Admin ), guest phone system, guest TV system and equipment, Guest Business Center equipment ( 3 computers, 1 printer ), and 1 Print Me printer system for remote Guest Room printing service. 


Utilizing the above project scope complete the following:


Create Project Charter

Create Scope Statement


Create project schedule and align resources in MS Project ( 6 months to 1 year )

Create Risk Matrix and Response Plans

Create Communication Plan and Discuss

Create Meeting Agenda for Progress Meeting

Discuss Organizational Structures

Write a project reflection essay

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