response paper visual art class 0

Response Paper in Visual Art class
You may  work with another student to select a work but you will need to write your own response paper on the work you have chosen.  Feel free to discuss your choice with other students.
You may use the information in the label to provide the artist’s name, title of the work, medium and date. Your essay’s main focus should be the discussion of the visual elements in the work; how the visual elements support content and meaning in the work.
Critical visual analysis skills:  Describe the formal elements of visual design (line, color, light, composition, form); use the formal elements as tools to describe the visual works under study.
You will need to submit printed photograph or drawing of your chosen work. (You may use your cell phone to take a picture of the work you have selected.  No flashes are allowed in the gallery.)

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The information will need to write this response paper:
TESS BENDER/ Rex lives a predatory lifestyle
Gouache and Colored Pencil

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