Review price negotiation memorandum (PNM) and assess IN DETAIL the degree to which it complies with the requirements of the FAR

Attached is a sample price negotiation memorandum (PNM).  When it was prepared, it was intended to comply with the FAR.  


Your assignment for this session is to review the PNM and assess IN DETAIL the degree to which it complies with the requirements of the FAR as contained in your reading assignments.


I’m looking for a memo of about 3 -5 pages that reviews the PNM section by section and reads like this:


I Purpose of the Negotiations.

            The applicable section of the FAR is:______________.  The PNM  complies because it ________________  


             The PNM does not comply because it__________________________.  

 Also note any substantive matters that could strengthen that section of the PNM.


[Continue accordingly with each section of the PNM.]

Then, your conclusion should be a concise one paragraph in which you reiterate any exceptions to the PNM’s compliance with the FAR.


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