Solutions in the Descriptive Case Study Discussion




Descriptive research involves gathering data that describes naturally occurring events and then organizes, analyzes, and describes the data. Descriptive case studies do not seek to discover causal relationships, descriptive case studies can still be used as an effective method of carrying out research and lead to further research studies. For this discussion, a descriptive single-case study examines the characteristics of medication errors made by student nursing providers in the emergency room. The goal is to observe how many medication errors are occurring. The case study is organized according to three descriptive topics: medication errors made by student nurses, number of medication errors the supervising RN was aware of, and distractions within the workplace. The use of this study will help show how many errors along with where errors are occurring and can lead to further studies if new policies are put into place. Frame how the purpose, methodology, and results of this study would provide solutions to organizations in the health care industry.


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