sour grape lce crcam

Hello I need this in an hr please only handshake if you can do it. It needs to be 1 page APA format. 



The Quality lce Cream Company has recently introduced a new flavor, Sour Grape lce Cream. They have not been able to meet demand for this new product due to quality problems many batches have been discarded. They have collected a lot of data but are at a loss about how to use it. They are overwhelmed with numbers” They have asked you to help them address the problems. What do you recommend? Be specific.


Process Description

1. Pull ingredients from warehouse.

2. Blend ingredients in mixer.

3. Pump mixture to freeze machine.

 4. Run freeze machine until consistency is correct

 5. Extrude ice cream into package.

6. Inspect and test ice cream.


7. Transfer packages to Finished Good storage.

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