strategic management paper 7

Please tell me if there is anyone out there qualified to do strategic management, and that  have proven experience in the different phases of writing this paper. Please do not respond if you are not aware of what needs to be done. I already have a paper that’s been written and the professor has done her editing and it needs to be cleaned up and broken down into phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 I will provide you with all that is needed for each phase….please absoultley no plagerizing, this is a cornerstone class so that means it’s my last one before I finish. Please for this week concentrate on editing the paper and breaking down the paper into phase 2 because It is already late and my professor is working with me. I will need to submit phase 3 next week by Sunday. This below is what is needed  and I am sending attaching the paper. I will pay the right canidate  50$ for editing the paper and breaking it down into the format below and I will pay another $50.00 for the last phase.


Please remember that in addition to the work required for this module, thePhase 2report should include the following from previous modules:


(From Module 3)

Your entirePhase Ireport with modifications based on the instructor’s feedback


(From Module 4)

Current strategy

Possible alternatives


(From Module 5)

SWOT matrix

BCG matrix

SPACE or other matrices


I am providing the following tips for guidance on how to proceed for the next Phases of your paper:

1. Follow directions!
Read the assignment directions carefully and make certain that you follow everything required for the paper.

2. Follow proper APA format.
As your final Graduate course, this is your time to shine! You should be aware and comfortable with academic writing by this time in your journey towards your MBA. Your papers should follow all of the rules of APA formatting for a paper including a Running head, a cover sheet, body of the paper with properly formatted citations, proper font type and size, and a properly formatted Reference Page.

Here is a website for guidance:

Please note that in my grading I did not take off points for improper APA format and grammar. Your grade was focused on Content, Clarity and Persuasiveness, and achievement of the assignment objectives.

You can also get additional assistance at SmarThinking (a link is provided on the left column of the Learning Studio. Their Online Writing Lab provides assistance with writing for any subject: creative writing, business and technical writing. They may be reached by contacting the following:

By phone: Monday Friday from 8:00 AM 6:00 PM EST at 1 888 430 7429, Extension 1.

By email: 24 hours per day at [email protected].

3. If in doubt, check it out!
Send out emails with questions to your classmates or to me. You can also utilize the link on the left column entitled “Instructor Q & A”.

I hope this is helpful to you.

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