team assignment gen 480

Week Three: Analysis of Business Specialties




 Identify the type of consulting firm your Learning Team will create.


  1. Based on your skill matrix, discuss the pros and cons of the types of consulting firms you identified in Week Two.
  2. Discuss the types of problems or issues your company will address in its consulting capacity. This might include a specialty.
  3. Discuss the types of services your firm will offer.
  4. Analyze the need for these firms. This may require some research.


  1. Select the consulting firm you will create. This may be from your Week Two list, or it may be a new idea based on your review of your skill matrix or needs assessment.

We will each need 125 to 200 words each. Please place your name next to the section you will complete. We need to have a consulting firm name so if we each post three then we can vote on which one we like the best.


  • The name of your consulting firm Team
  • A description of the consulting firm you will create this is my portion of the assignment.. the name of the consulting firm is TLC Management. It is a management consulting firm.
  • A description of the types of problems and issues your consulting firm will address
  • A description of the services your consulting firm will be offering
  • A statement explaining why this type of consulting firm is well suited to the skills of the team members
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