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Write the folling paper apa format, must have introudiction/thesis, answer the questions, have references properly quoted or cited,  must have conclusion that justifies the thesis. No wordcount just make sure you answer the questions.  This is a 400 level  class and the vocuablry, content must be at the 400 level,  No amatures please i am paying good money for a good paper.  If you dont know what B2B or B2C Do not send me a hand shake

see due date I need this paper in 24 hours.



As the leader of your small company that imports and distributes (B2B) power tools, you are considering moving into the B2C space. You’ve been in the B2B market for 15+ years and you are set in your ways however, you are longing for a change. 


Leveraging the 4 steps to change your mental model mindset, write a paper (APA format) that details how you would arrive at the decision to go ahead with moving into the B2C space for your power tool business. Be sure to include what changes you would make to support your decision, ensuring success.

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