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What is most important to you as a person and what is most unique about you?

  • Create a core values list. Answer the question prompt and give yourself 10 minutes to type as many values as you can in list form.  You should have a minimum of 20 25 values – more is better.  If the idea flow slows, try asking yourself what kinds of things do other people do that annoy you and this will reveal values (ie. When people are late or lazy). 


  • Now you will organize your core value list. Sort the words into 5 7 groups that feature similar ideas.  This allows you to find patterns.  For example if you wrote Equality and Fairness, you would decide those are similar and should be grouped together.  Do not discard any ideas even if they are repeated. 

TYPE THE groupings under the larger list – make sure there is a divider.






Equality / Fairness / etc

More values/ values /values

Group 3 values / values / values


  • Now you will select your core values. Look at each of the 5 7 groups you created and choose a key word or concept that summarizes each group.  The key word or concept you chose from each group is your CORE VALUE. 


  • Define your core values. You can easily come up with the definition of your core values using ideas found in each grouping of words.  The definitions should use terminology found in the words you listed in those groups.  Then explain why you think this is so important to you for each of the core values.  (Example – Equality is ………  This is important to me because I……….)



  • Once you have completed this exercise, what surprised you and didn’t surprise you about your core values?
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