week 6 final assignment

Complete a strategic plan for your organization of no more than 3,500 words.

Create your strategic plan to incorporate facilitator feedback from the drafts you submitted in previous weeks. Include
the following:

• Table of contents

• Executive summary, with a 1 page maximum

• Company background, organizational mission, vision, and value statements

• Note for a start up, this section should also include the backgrounds and accomplishments of key anticipated


  management personnel. The goal is to convince the investor that these individuals are trustworthy and successful.

• External & internal environment assessments

• Identify and recommend the specific generic strategy/value discipline, grand strategies and long term goals needed to lead your organization forward.

• Implementation plan including contingency plans for identified risks

Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of no more than 10 slides with speaker notes. Your audience will be the
board of directors or a venture capital firm. The focus is to sell your recommendations to the board or venture capital
firm and obtain approval for funding your plan.

Format your plan and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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