Why College Tuition Should be Free to Make Higher Education Accessible to All

Source Requirements:
For this assignment you must include a minimum of 3 sources.
At least 1 of those sources MUST be a peer-reviewed source.
The other 2 can be additional peer-reviewed sources or other sources that meet the ABC’s of source quality (Ch 7).
The references will be included in a reference list at the end of the outline, in-text in the outline, and cited orally during the presentation.
Remember that 3 is the minimum – the floor, not the ceiling – so a really well done presentation is likely to have more.

Here is 2 sources I want you to use:
– https://research.com/universities-colleges/should-college-be-free#:~:text=Free%20College%20Would%20Drive%20Economic%20Growth&text=A%20recent%20study%20of%20students,degree%20completion%20and%20postgraduate%20earnings.
– https://www.brookings.edu/articles/is-free-college-a-good-idea-increasingly-evidence-says-yes/

The third source I want you to use is in the pdf I attached called:
The Politics of Designing Tuition-Free College How Socially Constructed Target Populations Influence Policy Support.pdf

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