writing essay 6



Do standardized tests provide a valid assessment of student’s intelligence?


My answer






Standardized tests don’t provide a valid assessment of student’s intelligence because it is high stakes, unfair and can’t measure other intelligence.




1. Standardized tests are very high stakes(risk).  ( paraphrase School is bad for children.)

       a. students could be absent and miss tests

       b. students could cheat


2. Standardized tests are an unfair. ( paraphrase Students should be tested more, not less)

      a. students could pick answers luckily.

      b. students study only one or two days for test(cram)

      c. Not every students get enough support for studying.


3. Standardized tests can’t measure another intelligence. ( paraphrase Multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence)

     a. There are 9 multiple intelligence.

     b. Emotional intelligence is more influence.

     c. IQ & EQ


I need whole essay include introduction, 3 body paragraphs and 1 conclusion

I want you to follow my outline but if you need to change something, it is fine.

I need at least one paraphrase from a reading in each body paragraph.( MLA form)


There are 3 readings before you write an essay.

1. http://richgibson.com/rouge_forum/newspaper/winter2003/HoltJohn1969.htm ( school is bad for children from new direction)


This is better School is bad for children and Multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence


plus, I attached a grading criteria chart.

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