0501609 Strategic Management

Dr. Zafar Strategic Management Summer I 2020
College of Business
0501609 Strategic Management
Guidelines for Analyzing Short or Mini Cases
External Environmental Analysis:
Analyze the current situation as described in the case, collect information from
authentic sources like firm’s website and must include:
A. The firm
B. The industry the firm operates in
C. Competition
D. Major Challenges the firm/industry faced with
The firms Business Strategy: What strategy the firm has adopted
(‘Cost Leadership’, ‘Differentiation’, ‘Cost Focus’ or ‘Differentiation Focus’) and
what are its implications on firm’s economic performance.
Internal Environmental Analysis of the Firm:
You could discuss issues from the following:
 Internal environment.
 Rivalry in the industry.
 Market growth rate
 Firm’s market share.
 Firms resources, capabilities, competencies, core competencies and
distinctive competences.
 Use an appropriate strategic management analysis tool to analyze the
Perform SWOT Analysis:
What Did I Learn from this case study:
Answers to the questions (If any):
References (APA Format)

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