100 question political science 90 min limit

1.  The chief way that administrative agencies exercise real power is through


2.  Which of the following is an inaccurate statement about Americans’ exposure to news?


3.  The writers of the Constitution used the term _________ to describe the form of government in which power resides in the people but is exercised through a system of representative institutions.


4.  Policy implementation refers to the bureaucratic function of


5.  In ?Schenck v. United States? (1919), the Supreme Court ruled that


6.  Prayer in the public schools violates


7.  In the dynamics of an iron triangle, what benefit do interest groups provide to friendly bureaucratic agencies?


8.  Compared to Supreme Court nominations, those for the lower federal courts


9.  The phrase that best describes the shift in America’s world position from the pre to the post World War II eras is


10.  The foundation for U.S. policy toward the Soviet Union after World War II was




11.  ________ account for more than half of the economy of the European Union.


12.  The prevalence of mass elections helps the political system by


13.  The Constitution was ratified by


14.  Judicial review is the power of the American courts to


15.  Congress oversees the bureaucracy through


16.  For a bill to pass in either chamber of Congress,


17.  ________ opposed the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.


18.  Political participation among Americans can best be described as a ________ activity.


19.  Compared with the decision in a Supreme Court case, the opinion is more significant because it


20.  According to ________, a large republic is less likely to have an all powerful faction.




21.  A major criticism of the theory of pluralism is that


22.  Inalienable rights


23.  Americans’ deep seated political beliefs


24.  The federal court myth overlooks the fact that


25.  Bills are formally introduced in Congress by


26.  If the economic problem is low productivity and high unemployment, the fiscal policy action on the demand side would be to


27.  Yellow journalism contributed to public support for the


28.  Over the past few decades, the trend in citizen participation in lobbying groups is participation through


29.  The right to privacy was instrumental in which decision?


30.  ________ elections tend to draw the largest percentage of voters.




31.  Most political talk shows on radio offer a(n) _____________ point of view.


32.  Which of the following is correct under the Constitution?


33.  The federal district courts


34.  Criticism of the food stamp program occurs because it


35.  Most of the work on legislation in Congress is done


36.  In the United States, the primary responsibility for registration of the individual voter rests with the


37.  Democrats in Washington have usually responded to high levels of unemployment with


38.  Another name for an interest group is


39.  Federal regulatory agencies have responsibility primarily in the area of


40.  ________ is an example of an in kind benefit.




41.  The Federal Reserve is most directly charged with establishing ________ policy.


42.  Government benefits for business include all of the following except


43.  Gideon v. Wainwright required the states to


44.  The courts have tended to support administrators as long as their agencies


45.  The document explaining the ideas of the Constitution and urging its ratification is the


46.  Compared to the Senate majority leader, the Speaker of the House has more power because the House


47.  A fiscal policy solution to inflation would be to


48.  Political conservatives who favor more political power to be devolved back to the states prefer


49.  In response to economic demands that were a result of rapid industrialization, Congress in the late 1800s began to


50.  In America today, public education is primarily the responsibility of


51.  Which of the following is a true statement about the visibility of poverty in American society today?


52.  The biggest obstacle to effective congressional oversight is


53.  Major shifts in the Supreme Court’s positions have usually been due to


54.  Shays’s Rebellion


55.  Which of the following is true?


56.  Which newspaper was the first to reduce the price of a daily copy to a penny?


57.  It can be said of regulatory commissions that


58.  In John Maynard Keynes’ demand side economic theory, an economic recession can be shortened through


59.  If the U.S. House of Representatives chooses to impeach a president, who conducts the trial?


60.  The first televised “debates” between the two major party presidential candidates occurred in




61.  Since the Cold War ended, U.S. policymakers’ concern with nuclear weaponry has shifted to


62.  The Gazette of the United States was founded at the urging of Alexander Hamilton to promote the policies of President


63.  Committees kill roughly ________ percent of the bills submitted in Congress.


64.  Congress generally


65.  The Watergate scandal illustrates the


66.  In The Wealth of Nations (1776), Adam Smith made all of the following arguments forlaissez faire capitalism except


67.  Marbury v. Madison was an ingenious decision because it


68.  The poll tax was used to


69.  Sovereignty refers to


70.  Which of the following is true of totalitarian governments?


71.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are


72.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was aimed chiefly at eliminating discrimination


73.  The idea that major nations should act together in response to problems and crises is called


74.  Under the original Constitution, Congress could not ban the slave trade until


75.  Fiscal policy is a mechanism which the government employs to influence the economy. Fiscal policy is based on


76.  The writers of the Constitution devised the Electoral College as the method of choosing presidents because


77.  The poll tax was outlawed in federal elections by the


78.  Efforts in Congress in 2006 to clamp down on immigrants who have entered illegally from Mexico and other Latin American countries resulted in


79.  Which of the following is true about the American presidency or president?


80.  Monetary policy diff


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