2000words finish within 12 hours

Individual Report. Length of report: 2000 words

Choose any organisation of your choice, i.e. any MNC or SME operating in any country. Write a report on what and how human resources strategies can be implemented in the chosen organisation in order to create a high performance work system.


The learning outcomes accessed are (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) & (vi) as presented on page 9.


Choose only, any THREE (3) of the Strategic HRM practices from below. Formulate how these 3 chosen practices can be implemented in the chosen organisation so that it can add economic value to the organisation and create a high performance work system.

C. General Layout of Written Assignment

1. 1st page: UCD assignment submission form, 2nd page: Student’s cover page with indication of word count. 3rd page: Table of Contents followed by body of assignment. Assignment should be in report format with headings and sub headings.

2. Type written with Times New Roman or Arial font size:12. 1.5 or 2x line spacing. Single or double side printing. Reference list on last page.

D. Submission Date

Assignment 2 must be submitted in hard copy and via Blackboard on date indicated in Table 2B. Please read the Grade Descriptors in Assignment 2 Grade Descriptor table.

Regarding the learning outcome

Module Learning Outcomes

On completing this module, students will be expected to be able to:

i. Demonstrate an ability to critically discuss contents of the module and illustrate how the course concepts are applicable in the workplace.

ii. Discuss the concept of HRM and how it differs from previous methods of managing employees.

iii. Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the challenges and responsibilities associated with human resource planning including ethics & social responsibility,reward systems and performance management.

iv. Evaluate the interaction between HRM and the business strategy.

v. Evaluate the interaction between HRM and the management of change.

vi. Analyse future developments and trends in the field of human resource management.

Module Text:

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management.

R.A. Noe, J.R. Hollenbeck, B.Gerhart & P.M. Wright, (2014).

5th Edition, McGraw Hill, N.Y.

ISBN 9781259071980

Assessment 2 (Assignment 2) is designed to evaluate students on the entire holistic aspect of human resource management practices. The assignment will focus on formulating a HRM plan based on a choice company.


Grade Descriptors –Assignment 2

the files below


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