23 which following documents was alexander hamilton major contributor declaration independen

23) To which of the following documents was Alexander Hamilton a major contributor? a) Declaration of Independence b) Bill of Rights c) Federalists Papers d) Constitution 24) The Federalists Papers were important to the Federalist cause in that they …. a) Established the form of the new Federal government b) Limited the power of the new Federal government in a way acceptable to Anti Federalists c) Helped establish the reasons for breaking with England d) Provided arguments as to why the people of New York should support the Constitution. 25) Which of the following best describes the original goal of the Bill of Rights? a) To protect the people from the state governments b) To protect the state governments from the federal government c) To protect the people from the federal government d) To protect the state governments from the people 46) Which political party won the election of 1860? a) Republican b) Democrats c) Whigs d) Northern Democrats 47) After the Civil War, which of the following was crucial in maintaining the Republican Party’s hold on the Presidency? a) The Freedmen’s Bureau b) High tariffs c) African American votes d) Economic prosperity 50) In the election of 1876, the political deal that allowed Republicans Hayes to be president also… a) Allowed Democrats to have the Vice Presidency b) Ended Reconstruction c) Secured the vote for the freed slaves d) Included extending the vote to women 41) Immigration to the North just prior to the Civil War brought the first large influx of what religion? a) Island b) Catholicism c) Judaism d) Protestant Christianity
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