3 differnt things

number 1


you will take the two attached documents called outline and theis as well as start of paper and create a detailed analysis consisting of 6 pages. You must also use four credible academic sources in addition to the media itself. All sources must be cited in text as well as on a reference page using standard APA format.


number 2


you will take the attched documents called outline and thesis 2  and used it to help you make a 4 page apa format paper. you will also add 3 more refrences but they have to be books. the paper should read as one cohesive unit, with smooth transitions, presenting your chosen topic as encapsulated in the thesis and projected in the outline. Standard mechanics should be checked and rechecked throughout for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and writing style.


number 3


This is a 2 page apa format paper with refrences


Research happens in everyday life. Sometimes you can easily identify research in newspapers and magazines

Every week, you will be using any of the online newspapers below and finding one article that you can identify that shows some sort of research. Look for phrases such as “according to a study”, specific data or percentage changes. Pay attention to how that study or data is used and explained in the article. Steer away from opinion articles. Share the link, the author’s full name, the date the article was published and the title of the article.

  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • The Chicago Sun Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Journal Sentinel

For this module, address the following;

  • Find an article that has direct quotations.
  • How is it being used within the article? Is it a direct quote?
  • Is it a paraphrase of a bigger idea?
  • Is it understandable why the author used this citation?
  • What is the purpose of the citation?



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