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Group Assignment


Download the Organizational Chart and the Meeting Overview.

The R&D organization has decided it wants to promote total involvement and create a learning organization. The community building meeting is the mechanism to move this forward. You have decided to bring in other consultants from the Working Better Group to help you plan this meeting.

The group has agreed to collaborate on the following three goals:

  1. Organizing the total community into teams for the various events and exercises that will take place.
  2. Recommending an icebreaker exercise, and identifying the key learning points that will come from the exercise.
  3. Creating a PowerPoint presentation that explains the Johari Window matrix and lists guidelines for increasing the open area. These guidelines should specifically identify how the individuals at the meeting should try to act. You also need to identify the best time during the meeting to present this information.

The meeting will take place over 3 consecutive days. A total of 350 people will attend.

Part 1:

Use the attached organizational chart to create the following types of teams:

  • Intact work teams (by total function and for each unit within the function)
  • Cross Functional Teams that represent specific levels in the organization
  • Cross Functional Teams that contain all levels in the organization

It may be easiest to create the teams by making two copies of each slide so you have three versions of each slide: one for each type of team. You may use colors, lines, shapes, or other methods to identify which positions will be included on each team.

For each of the key events listed on the Meeting Overview document, recommend which teams you would use to attain the goals of the overall meeting. (These key events are in green on the overview.) If there is another team composition you would use instead of the ones listed previously, please describe it. 

Use the Small Group Discussion Board to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different team compositions.


You need to create two documents: one PowerPoint file with the teams clearly delineated on the organization charts and one copy of the Meeting Overview document identifying which type of teams will be used for which activity. You will be adding to the Meeting Overview document in Part 3. 

Please add your file.


Individual Project 4 5 pages


Your employer has been going through many challenges this past eighteen months due to the recent financial crises. There has been major challenges throughout the company including, high turnover, software applications being used are outdated, stress is increasing for those employees who have been staying around, and morale is at the lowest point ever for the company . The remaining executives are planning to do a re organization of the jobs and responsibilities throughout the company. However, each time the executives want to implement the change; another batch of employees resigns. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare an analyzes of what the executive leaders must do. Present your findings as a 4 5 page report in a Word document formatted in APA style. At a minimum, your paper must:

  • Apply the best organizational development process skills the executives should use
  • Apply the change strategies within the short term and long term
  • Evaluate and present the impacts of the resources 

Present your findings as a 4 5 page Word document formatted in APA style.

Submitting your assignment in APA format means, at a minimum, you will need the following:

1.     TITLE PAGE. Remember the Running head: AND TITLE IN ALL CAPITALS

2.     ABSTRACT. A summary of your paper not an introduction. Begin writing in third person voice.

3.     BODY.  The body of your paper begins on the page following the title page and abstract page and must be double spaced (be careful not to triple or quadruple space between paragraphs). The type face should be 12 pt. Times Roman or 12 pt. Courier in regular black type. Do not use color, bold type, or italics except as required for APA level headings and references. The deliverable length of the body of your paper for this assignment is 4 5 pages. In body academic citations to support your decisions and analysis are required. A variety of academic sources is encouraged.

REFERENCE PAGE.  References that align with your in body academic sources are listed on the final page of your paper. The references must be in APA format using appropriate spacing, hang indention, italics, and upper and lower case usage as appropriate for the type of resource used. Remember, the Reference Page is not a bibliography but a further listing of the abbreviated in body citations used in the paper. Every referenced item must have a corresponding in body citation.
Discussion Board 4 6 paragraphs

You have completed the planning sessions. As a combined unit (representing both the external and internal consulting teams), you will discuss guidelines for how you will work together.

On the Discussion Board,

  • list the things the consulting team needs to address so they will operate effectively.
  • what process or technique would you suggest be used to address these issues? 
  • list what you should look for during the community building meeting to identify resistance to change.
  • be sure to identify any potential problems that might arise during the meeting, and give suggestions on how they might be handled.
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