3 page training report

TE 500 – Seminar/Workshop

Due Wednesday by 9pm

Final Research Project Paper-Due: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 by 9:00 p.m.

PROJECT: The student’s project will be an extension of the proposal. The student will identify a component for workforce or educational training to facilitate to classmates

Develop a Three to Five page report further explaining the need for training in your specified area. Paper you be in the following APA format:

– Title page

– Body of paper (no abstract)

– Introduction

– What is training (also discuss types of training)

– Why is proper training important to implement when conducting workshops/seminars

– Your proposed training (the extension from your proposal)

– What type of training (workshop) is it (education, industry, corporate, etc.)

– Describe proposed training (workshop)

– Purpose, Goals and objectives

– Who is your proposed target audience and why?

– What are proposed training activities for your audience–Explain (see examples below)

– Lecture

– Interactive activity

– Team building exercises

– What will your training (workshop) accomplish

– What new or enhanced skills will your audience “take away” from the workshop

– How can this enhance their workforce

– Why is technology important in training and how will technology be used in your training

– Conclusion

– Reference page (3-5 reference, should not date back to 2012)


*She said specify grade level in your final paper (college, high school, middle school, etc.).

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