35 multiple choice questions about culture geography 1

Study Guide for Exam 2

Geography 1040: Cultural Geography


following list is not a comprehensive list of material covered in th

e textbo

ok, PowerPoints


and PowerPoint Guides

, but, these are the topi

cs test questions will be about. For each t


listed, study

what your

te xtbook and PowerPoints

say about it. K

now the concepts and terms and

the examples given in the book and PowerPoints

Chapter 4 (culture)


House types; folk and popular culture

; globalization and popular culture landscapes; cultural

landscapes; Amish; neolocalism; sports; food; terroir; cultural trait; material/nonmaterial

practices of culture; geography’s relationship with culture; placele

ssness or “geography of




6 (religion)


Hearth areas, diffusion, branches,

and current s

patial distributions of four major world religions;

Shintoism; spatial distribution of U.S. religions (also maps comparing their distribution to U.S.

metro and outside metro/micro populations); how religions organize themselves spatially

(hierarchical and locally autonomous systems)

; ethnic and universalizing religions; sacred

spaces; Jerusalem

as contested religious sacred space;


-day Saint diaspora.


7 (ethnicity)

and Chapter 8, Section 4



-state; multinational state; stateless nation; spatial distribution of U.S. ethnicities/races

(Hispanic, black, Asian); ethnic enclaves; ethnoburbs; African

-American migrations; ethnic

cleansing; g

enocide; ethnicity issues in former Yugoslavia (particularly Bosnia Herzegovina and

Kosovo), former Soviet Union (particularly Russia and Georgia), and Sudan (




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