4 dqs need be answered today 4pm est time work please no plagiarism 275 word count each ques

4 DQ’s need to be answered today by 4pm EST. On time work PLEASE! NO Plagiarism 275 word count for each question. Please add all answers under the questions.



Market Trends Analyze (Growth and prosperity versus poverty and despair) how the trend will (or is) affect(ing) an industry, market, or firm of your choice. Will it be good or bad for that industry, firm, or market?


Passenger or Driver’s Seat Based on the distinctions between market driven and market driving companies, identify a company you think is “market driven” and one you think is a “market driver.” Justify your choices.


Consumer Participation in Product Development There are a number of products released that are focused on customer involvement in the development or improvements. How does a company with which you are familiar use customer input to change or improve its products or services? Is consumer involvement always necessary?


Blue Ocean Strategy What is “blue ocean strategy”? What is another example (different from what is discussed in the text)? Why is that a good example?

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