5 anticipating and profiling audience message helps communicator determine what emphasize ho

5. Anticipating and profiling the audience for a message helps a communicator determine what to emphasize, how to be convincing, and what words and tone to use.
a. true

b. false

6. You want your writing to sound positive and courteous. Which of the following sentences has the best choice of wording?
a. Turn in your sales figures by Monday.

b. You claim that your order arrived with two damaged items.

c. Please give us your feedback about your online ordering experience.

d. We cannot process your order until we receive your credit card number.

7. Which sentence best illustrates the “you” view?
a. Our walking tours include free admission to all museums.

b. We look forward to having you join us on one of our exciting walking tours.

c. We are happy to send you our current calendar of walking tours.

d. You will receive your complete walking tour itinerary one month before your trip.

8. Business messages that persuade sell products, convince managers, motivate employees, and win over customers. A = True.
a. true

b. false

9.  You are in charge of preparing a sales brochure and must profile your audience. What question should you ask to profile your primary audience?
a. How much does this person know about the subject?

b. What do I know about this person’s education, beliefs, culture, and attitudes?

c. Should I expect a neutral, positive, or negative response to my message?

d. You should ask all these questions.

10. Jonathan is starting his first full time job after graduating from college, and he wants to sound conversational but professional on the job. What is the best advice you can give him?
a. Use IM abbreviations and slang in his professional messages to be concise and to show that he’s up to date with technology.

b. Use high level diction in most business messages.

c. Avoid using instant messaging on the job because doing so will make him look unprofessional.

d. Strive for an informal, conversational tone in most business messages.

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