5 questions anatomy and physiology

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question 1

The body is composed of four different types of tissue. Select a body system and discuss these 4 tissue types in relation to this system (for example: women’s reproductive health, men’s reproductive health, the digestive system, the urinary system, or another system that interests you. Discuss how these tissue types work within your choice of body system to maintain function and homeostasis.


question 2

what would happen to homeostasis if the epithelial cells were replaced by scar tissue? Your thoughts?

question 3

Identify the components of the integumentary system (INS)? Then discuss how does the skin works with the other systems of the body to maintain a homeostatic balance. Explain the events that would occur to two (2) other body systems if there were an imbalance in the INS.


question 4

How is the skin so important to the immune system when it is covered with multiple bacteria, viruses and fungi? Your thoughts?

 question 5

David, age 55, went to a health fair and had a PSA test. The test results and subsequent examinations indicated prostate cancer. Harry was given radiation treatments and chemotherapeutic drugs. These drugs adversely affect cancer cells by interrupting mitosis, but they also interrupt mitosis in normal cells. Describe the probable effect of chemotherapy on Harry’s epidermis, hair, nails, skin pigmentation, and sebaceous glands.

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