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Discussion 1

Servant leadership is a popular model especially for those who like serving and helping others. In the lecture it discussed that servant leader begins with being a servant first. It simply means that a servant leader leads by serving others. Servant leadership was originally developed y AT&T executive Robert Greenleaf. When I think of the servant leadership model, I instantly think about Christ. Servant leadership demonstrate the biblical leader style and approach by showing stewardship, persuasion, and serving. Servant leadership shows stewardship when they are serving. In the lecture the biblical stewardship discusses being fruitful, govern, and cultivate. Servant leaders complete responsibility such as planning and managing resources for the betterment or business and organizations. Also the biblical leader uses persuasion in the servant leadership model. Servant leaders have a way to influence others with their opinions or to follow them into doing something. Servant leadership and Christian servant leadership models are somewhat similar to each other. Christian servant leadership model modeled after Christ who came to serve and not to be served. Servant leadership is to serve basically. Christian servant leadership is serve others, as serving the Lord. Biblical leader Robert Greenleaf stated that the servant leadership model is better described as “service” leadership from a Christian perspective.


According to Parrott (2009), good leaders envision and explore new opportunities. They expand boundaries, secure new territory, and enable others to join and be a part of the venture (pp. 169-171). To me, I find that good leaders are just as confident as they are competent. They have a full understanding of what needs to be done and have outlined a plan to achieve it, and more importantly, they share that vision and plan with those that will be working to bring it forth.

Good leaders are also approachable and trustworthy. The plan for their vision will cease if there isn’t a dedicated team willing to help produce it. It takes a solid foundation of credibility for a leader to engage and motivate others to see, understand, and believe in the long-term goal.

I have witnessed leaders in churches, classrooms, athletic activities, law firms, call centers, stores, and many other areas. However, my experience of good leaders is few (and maybe that’s why they stand out more). Keeping in mind that no one is perfect, the leaders that come to mind are those that were cordial, inclusive, and appreciative.

A good leader is someone that I can feel comfortable approaching to discuss projects or issues (whether work-related or personal). It is someone that recognizes and rewards those that work hard and go the extra mile (even if the reward is an extra hour for lunch or a gift card). It is someone that keeps the staff up-to-date on things that are going on with the company (instead of hearing it from others by the water cooler). I have worked with leaders that portray these qualities, and it resulted in a strong team that worked well together to accomplish goals. We felt like we were a part of the company and not just laborers. We were a work family following the head of our work household to complete purposed objectives that would secure the company and our livelihood.

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