8 page final eng essay

I she attached all my previous SOURCE assignments for my topic! Please incorporate the changes she instructor made on these assignments as well! She said my topic was too BROAD so please after reviewing my outline choose a specific group of interest to narrow down my topic of Equal Employment Opportunity for women.

When writing the FINAL RESEARCH ESSAY, include a Works Cited page. The Works Cited page should only include the sources you plan to cite within the essay — no more. My rule of thumb for an 8 page essay is 5 sources MAXIMUM. These 5 sources may be chosen from the sources you have already summarized, or they may be brand new sources that you have discovered along the way. Regardless, the sources should directly relate to your thesis statement. Also, keep quoting within the essay to a minimum. Instead, focus on paraphrasing what you have learned. Save “special” quotes only when you think you need them. Again, inserting 5 quotes within the paper is already a lot.

Finally, state your THESIS STATEMENT in the first or second paragarph. Your thesis statement is an OPINION, not a fact. What is your opinion about the topic? Who supports your opinion? Why? Be SPECIFIC, not general. Use the who, what, where, when and why (5 W’s) as your guide.

8 page Final Essay (including Works Cited Page)

Double spaced

No title page

Works Cited page (no more than 5 sources)

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