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“”Simple Perl Assignment – Program that alphabetically sorts strings”””

NOTE :::: Actually it just needs to be simple program that does what has requested and will have some form of documentation showing work cited, can be internet or book..



Please write a simple Perl script following the instructions below.

Write a Perl program that reads in an arbitrary number of strings from the command line and displays them sorted alphabetically.

Here is an example:


    perl mySorter.pl spencer able delta


    able delta spencer


  perl mySorter.pl


Invalid command line arguments to program. Please supply two or more strings to sort.

Optional command line switch


   perl mySorter.pl -r spencer able delta


   perl mySorter.pl–reverse spencer able delta 


   spencer delta able

NOTE: the command line switch (-r or –reverse) can be present anywhere in the command e.g.  perl mySorter.pl spencer able delta  –reverse  should work to. 

Did you know: that the single dash followed by a letter or the double dash followed by the entire word is a standard convention?

 You will be graded on this assignment.


  • Documentation (has documentation, and work as documented) 
  • Works as Documented
  • Style and Clarity of Code
  • Meets Assignment Requirements

Exceptional work must include one or more of the following:

  • A command line switch that controls the order of sorting (ascending [a-z], descending [z-a]) 
  • Separate test code (treat writing test code as an independant study project because for most students it will be too much to tackle in the first week, but if you want to go for it – encouraged but by no means required/expected) 


Follow the instructions carefully! Points off for failng to do this. 

** Submit a zip or tar.gz file as an attachment. Don’t just paste in text. Do not submit compressed files in any other format like .rar **

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