a letter for the needed education level background

I am Working as an Automation Test Engineer during my second Masters in Computers and my first Masters was in Electrical engineering

1.Describe in detail the professional reasons/career wise, why you opted to do another master’s degree rather than going to a higher education level.

2.Discuss what made you decide to pursue your second master’s degree.

3.Discuss what you will benefit by doing your second master’s degree.

4.Discuss why you chose the specific program of study in your second master’s degree.

5.Discuss what new additional knowledge you will get by pursing the second master’s.

Subjects Taken in First Masters: (Masters in Electrical Engineering)

1.Data Communication Networks

2.Microwave Semi-Conductors

3.Micro Device Fabrication

4.Solid State Devices

5.VLSI Design


7.Intro Solid State

8.MW & Optic Design

Subjects Taken in Second Masters: (Masters in Computers)

1.CRN185 – Computer Security: Foundations

2.CRN186 – Database Security

3.CRN167 – Internship

4.CRN181 – Managing Information Security

5.CRN192 – Network Security

6.CRN197 – Internship II

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