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What is Academic Essay Writing?

Essay writing skills are necessary for every student to possess in this academic journey. An essay is a short written composition that focuses on a specific topic, theme, or subject that is done by students as part of their coursework in high school and university. Essays are common as most instructors or professors include them as part of coursework task and is found in every college or university. Academic essays are crucial instruments to develop various skills necessary in academic achievement, life, analytical thinking, research, and creative thinking among others.

Academic essay writing is the scholarly ability to construct a theme-based composition that has an introduction, main themes, and conclusion. The major elements of an essay is having a thesis statement that explains the purpose of the writing, themed paragraphs that explains the major points, and a conclusion that summarizes the topic or gives a specific perspective of the topic. is a top leading essay writing website with qualified writers around the world and specializes in different fields. Order Now 

Different types of essays

In a student’s coursework, one is likely to encounter several types of essays that vary in content, approach, and format. Its important to note that essay types should not be confused with format styles that includes APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago among others. Essay types are as follows:

  1. descriptive essay
  2. Persuasive essay
  3. Informative essay
  4. Explanatory essay

Descriptive essay offers a clear explanation of a specific topic, subject, situation, or event. persuasive essay is written to convince the reader about a specific point of view and encourages them to adopt it. Informative essay purposes to offer information that the reader do not know and is crucial for a specific action, event, or decision making. Explanatory essay offers a step-by-step of how things should be done, for example, how to stay motivated. is a leading essay writing website where you can get your essay done at an affordable rate that is discounted for first order.

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Tips to writing a good essay as a student

  1. Understand the topic and perform some research
  2. Define the number of paragraphs or pages you need to write. (mostly included in the instructions)
  3. What type of essay are your writing? (Refer the above paragraph to understand the different types of essays)
  4.  Always have a creative writing skill to impress the reader.
  5. Follow the right format style as indicated in the instructions (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc)
  6. Ensure your grammar is correct, correct sentence structures, and proper punctuation.
  7. Avoid plagiarism (Its an ethical/legal issue to plagiarize)
  8. Go through your essay after writing to ensure no typos, errors, and misspelled words.

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Components of a good essay

The main components of an essay includes

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

The topic of the essay, instructions, and type of the essay should guide your flow as you write your essay. Mostly, an essay is written in double-spaced format, although single-spaced is also acceptable. Follow your school’s choice of font style of stick to the preferred font for your format style. The APA style prefers New Times Roman or Arial. Also, its good to achieve uniformity in paragraphs size. Its often advised to stick to 100 -120 words per paragraph which can change depending on the size of the paper. Most important is having uniformity in the number of words per paragraph. Citing sources is another important concept when writing an essay.

How to cite sources

The citing of sources is guided by the format styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc.) Every essay should include a list of sources at the last page of the paper. The sources should be credible and reliable. The journals used should be peer-reviewed, books should be published, and articles should be from a credible website such as Newspaper, government websites, known organizations and institutions. You can read further on APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago/Turabian style, and etc. These styles are the most used in essay writing and are acceptable in most learning institutions. Intext citation is another crucial point to consider.

The length of an essay depends on the level of education (high school, college, or undergraduate). For a coursework, always refer to the instruction given to complete the essay and the rubric points to be accomplished to ensure a high grade.

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