access spreadsheet application b publisher application used desktop publishing c title bar d

a) Access is a spreadsheet application. b) Publisher is an application used for desktop publishing. c) The title bar displays the file name and type of document. d) A window is hidden when Maximize LiL is clicked. e) Press the Home key to move the insertion point to the end of a line of text. f) Press the Alt key to cancel the current operation. g) Press the Esc key to exit Backstage view. h) An arrow on a button indicates that additional commands are available. i) The Format tab is displayed on the Ribbon when Word is started. j) The default button in a dialog box is selected by pressing the Enter key. k) Answer to History? is an example of a valid, descriptive file name. 1) Any changes made to a document after sav ing are automatically stored in the file on disk. m) The file extension .docx indicates the file was created in Excel 2010. n) It is possible to print only the second page of a document. o) A Boolean expression evaluates to either true or false. p) MLA is an accepted form for citations. q) A word processor application and a spread sheet application can be running at the same time. r) Only one Word document can be opened at a time. s) Outlook is an e mail client. t) E mail messages are private. u) Phishing is a type of online fraud. v) A virus is a type of computer game.
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