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  • I completed part of this already  
  • Use to find financial statements for any “for profit” company in the computer hardware industry.
    1. enter the company symbol
    2. go to menu on left side of screen
    3. go to financial results
    4. go to financial ratios
  • Complete a ratio analysis for that company’s last year’s financial data. At a minimum, list and discuss the company performance vs. its industry average for these 4 ratios:
    • Profit as percent of sales
    • Current ratio
    • Debt to equity ratio
    • ROE
  • Comment on
    • how these ratios depict the financial health of this company as compared to the industry average.
    • what the company might do to get better in each area.

Given the metrics your accountant told you are evaluated in nonprofits, you asked her to educate you on how to assess the health of a nonprofit. You asked her the following:

  • Find and review the financial statements of any nonprofit symphony
  • In a report of 500–600 words, comment specifically on the following:
    • What is the major source of the change in net assets that occurred in 2007 from the change that occurred in 2008? In your opinion, is this trend likely to continue? Why/why not?
    • If we assume that program expenses of the symphony should generally vary with ticket revenues, do they vary between 2007 and 2008? What could your answer indicate may be happening?
    • Is investment income a significant part of total sources of revenue in 2007 or 2008? Does this indicate a major concern about the reduction in the fair market value of investments between 2007 and 2009?
    • Based on your analysis above and any other analyses, comment on the future economic viability of this organization.
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