Advocacy and Organizing Chapter Discussion




read Chapter 8 & 9 in Hardina and Chapters 30 and 32 in the CTB (Community Tool Box), and have watched the supplemental materials. You will be bringing in the concepts and ideas from the readings/viewings into your video. Look on page224 of the textbook at item #4.

If you were to engage in an advocacy effort and to organize the community around the issue you have identified as a problem that needs change in your community (you did this in the asset map from last week), what might you say in a 5-7-minute speech to convince others to help in your efforts.

1. What would be the best strategy for local change? What method would you utilize to make change?

2. Who might be your potential allies? What assets might they contribute to your change effort?

3. What tactic would you recommend as part of the strategic approach?

4.  What role(s) would you play in organizing?

5. According to the supplemental readings about licensure, how would a license help a community organizer?

Chapter 30. Principles of Advocacy | Section 1. Overview: Getting an Advocacy Campaign Off the Ground | Main Section | Community Tool Box (


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