Analysis help

Please read the descriptions before you  text me and look to the artical



I.                    Introduction

a.       Article’s title (in quotes), author’s full name (After using full name the first time, you should only use last name in reference), and original publication date

b.      Statement of author’s topic, purpose, and intended audience

c.       Your thesis statement (Is the essay effective?  Ineffective?  Somewhat effective?  And why?)

II.                Summary of the article – present only what the reader needs to know to understand your analysis; be sure to use your own words.(3-4 sentences)

III.             Body – Your evaluation of the article

a.      Reason #1 and supporting evidence from article.  Also, explain why this evidence supports your claim.

b.      Reason #2 and supporting evidence; explain why the evidence supports your reasoning.

IV.              Conclusion

a.      Restatement of  author’s main point and essay’s purpose

b.      Restatement of your thesis – your basic evaluation of the essay

c.       Call for action (What might the author have done better? – ideas, appeals, research approach.  Who should read this essay?  Why?)




only(1/5-2 pages) 



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