Analyzing Theoretical Paradigms through Media Stereotypes Blog Essay




One of the goals of this course is to get you to think like a sociologist. Sociologists master the 4 sociological paradigms: symbolic interaction, functionalist, conflict, and cultural materialism.

This week each student will create a blog post. The assignment challenges you to apply the theoretical paradigms as you identify examples of stereotypes in the media about cooking, food, eating, dieting, etc

Locate 2-3 examples to analyze media stereotypes using one of the paradigms listed above.

Refer to the directions below to complete your Media Stereotype blog post

1. Media selection

  • Peruse media such as news outlets, magazines, commercials, or social media sites for examples of stereotypes.
    • Steer away from personal examples that you may find on social media platforms. This assignment challenges you to identify examples of “mass media” using stereotypes.
  • Identify 2-3 examples

2. Write a blog post

  • Share a link, image or “screen grab” for the reader to reference
  • Briefly analyze each sample using one of the 4 paradigms ( symbolic interaction, functionalist, conflict, and cultural materialism)
    • 2-3 paragraphs length
    • clearly identify the paradigm
    • When possible, include a link and/or include citations for references you use


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