annointed bibliography

Topic:  Advantage of Alternative Energy Sources.


The Reference page is an alphabetical list of sources which are an index to the in text citations that you used within your paper. Therefore, make sure any source mentioned within the paper has a full listing on the References page; likewise, anything on the References page should be utilized (either through a direct quote or a paraphrase) within the paper itself. With that in mind, you are working toward that final goal of gathering credible and useful sources. In the first Thread this week, you are presenting one of your sources in proper format and with an explanation. For this week’s assignment, I want you to find 5 credible research sources which you plan to use and write an annotated bibliography (in alphabetical order). That means, for each of the 5 sources you choose, list the entry in APA format, skip a line, then write 2 paragraphs for each citation (the first paragraph should summarize the information in the source and the second should explain how you will use and connect the source and its ideas in your paper). 

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