annotated bibliography 553

Watch Mario Van Peeble’s Baadassss! (Mario VanPeebles, 2003) ( TRIGGER WARNING: Scenes and themes of sex, sexual exploitation of children, violence, and police brutality.)

Also…watch the trailers of the Blaxploitation films that came after, do some of your own research on Blaxploitation (see below for research assignment), watch the original Sweetback… film (optional!), consider the politics of mainstreaming a counterculture…discuss!

Melvin Van Peebles was also a cinematic “grandfather” to Spike Lee, whose work we will begin to explore next!

Required Readings for Week 7.1:

AC: Ch 17: Into the 21st Century

Then, do some INDEPENDENT RESEARCH on Blaxploitation in Hollywood. There are many many academic journal articles, books, and online discussions of the political and aesthetic import of these films! Use our CCC libraries and databases for help and/or RELIABLE online sources! Select an article, follow the references, make your own trail to discover what is most interesting to you about this genre in American Cinema and its continued tropes in contemporary films. Select three of the most helpful sources and create a brief ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY. (

Attach this annotated bibliography as a word document to part 1 of your discussion forum assignment this week.

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