answer questions 258

Hi, Good evening

This is a speaking test, I need to answer this questions

Part 1. In this part, you will describe a picture and complete the task (I’m going to attach the picture)

Task 1: Describe the food court : duration 1 minute

Task 2: Tell me about a meal you had with a friend or family member (is not related with the picture) : duration 1 minute

Task 3: Some people think eating at restaurants is unhealthy. Other people think it is convenient. How do you feel about eating at restaurants? Give your opinion and reasons to support it. Duration 1 minute

Part 2. In this part you will complete two different tasks.

Task 1: You want to move to a new apartment and will need roommates. Your two best friends want to move in with you. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this idea? Duration of speaking 90 seconds

Task 2: A local high school wants students to be involved in helping the community, so it is planning to make volunteering graduation requirement. Many people think that this will not be useful for students. I am the school principal. Tell me what you think about this and try to convince me to agree with you. Duration of speaking 90 seconds

This is writing test: write sentences to answer the questions, every answer must have 3 sentences

1. What is your favorite game? How often do you play it? Football exception ( Must have 3 sentences )

2. What do you like about that game and why? ( Must have 3 sentences)

3. Tell us about a time when you played that game ( Must have 3 sentences

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