answer questions line line

·         Exactly what is an organization paying attention to through its strategic monitoring program?

·         Explain the several steps in the process by which a strategic plan is broken down into tasks and activities that can be performed by individual employees.


·          What is the most important prerequisite to ensuring a healthcare organization will be high performing?

·         A component of the organization’s quality management (QM) activities that is often documented in the QM plan

·         Form used by hospital caregivers to document potential or actual patient safety concerns.

·         Type of flowchart that shows the process steps and the people involved in each step.

·          fishbone diagram is known as ?


·         Qualitative tool used to undercover the root cause of a performance problem.

·         Reacting to performance measurement results without recognition of the natural variance which occurs in a process.

·         When measurement data show that a department’s performance is meeting expectations, what action should the manager take?

·         When a data point on a control chart falls above the upper control limit, the process being measured is said to be exhibiting:

·         The hospital team charged with reducing the incidence of patient falls has selected four different patient care process changes that need to be implemented.

·         A team in the hospital registration department is conducting a Lean project to reduce wasteful steps in the process of pre registering elective admissions.

·         During this type of improvement project the team brainstorms what could go wrong in each step of a process.

·         Root cause analysis and failure mode and effect analysis are:

·         First step of a root cause analysis.


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