answer these questions 4165362 2

read my essay and do a peer review:

Author ________________________________________ Reviewer  _____________________________________ Thesis Sentence


1. Does it make a claim and not just offer 


a description?


2. Is it arguable and not simply self

evident, universally accepted, or of little 




3. Can it be supported by evidence?


4. It is narrow enough to be convincingly 


supported in this paper written in a 




Reviewing the Draft


5. Is the paper within the requirements for 




6. What is the basic point or focus of the 




7. Is the title interesting and informative? 


Does it create a favorable impression?


8. Are the early paragraphs engaging and 


do they convey the thesis clearly and 


describe how the paper will be 




9. Are arguable assertions supported with 


adequate evidence?


10. Are terms defined thoroughly?


11. Are quotations introduced with signal 


phrases EX: “Panofsky has argued,” 


“An opposing view holds,” rather than 


just dumped into the essay? Are 


quotations as brief as possible? Might 


summaries properly credited with 


sources be more effective than long 




12. Are quotations adequately commented 


on, not simply left to speak for 




13. Are all sources cited—not only words, 


but also ideas—including Internet 




14. Is the organization clear, reasonable, 


and effective? Check transitions and 


make sure they flow and make sense.


15. Does the final paragraph nicely round 


off the paper, or does it merely 


restate— unnecessarily—what is by 


now obvious?


16. Does the paper include a formal 


analysis that clearly presents the visual 


facts relevant to the argument?


17. Is there a properly formatted “Works 


Cited” section of reliable sources that 


include books and/or articles and not just museum websites.


18. Are there at least five numbered and labeled images (photos, detail views, other objects for 


comparison, sketches, etc.) and are they properly discussed and referred to in the paper as Figure 1, 


Figure 2, … 


19. Are the footnotes or endnotes in proper form?


20. Is the paper fastened with just a staple 


with no stiff binders or covers?


21. Have spelling, typos, and grammar 


problems been marked and corrected 


on the hardcopy?


22. Are all works of art in italics?


Plagiarism – Moore has a severe policy 


against plagiarism!


23. Are all quotations and summaries of 


other people’s ideas properly 



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