anthropology hw 2

2.)  What would the advantages of adopting a single language across the whole world be? What would be the disadvantages? Would there be disadvantages? I know that many European countries learn each other’s languages because of how close they all are to each other, but what kind of unity would develop from a unified language?


3.) Do complex forms of agriculture produce food more efficiently than hunter and gatherer methods? Why or why not?  Does the agriculture of a country or the place it is located in have an advantage/disadvantage for the citizens living there?  Why or why not?


Group 6:


1.)  As discussed in class, the world of today is characterized by the global flows of technology and media. Do you think that these concepts will lead to the eventual disappearance of cultural diversity? Why or why not?


2.)  The concept of death is different from one culture to another.  Is it possible that the concept of death changes with the same factors that affect the culture? for example; is it possible that this concept changes but with the same religion, tradition and other factors?


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