anthropology writing essay 05 7

First, read and write Dunn’s reading (see attached file), then write the rest 4 readings, each these 4 readings write one paragraph for section B.

reading 1. Clapp_The Political Economy of Food Aid in an Era of Agricultural Biotechnology

reading 2: the view from agribusiness—Harvard Business School Executive Seminars

reading 3:Hightower excerpt

reading 4:The Sociopolitics of Food Deserts:

reading five : The Food of Sorrow (Dunn’s article)

Readings Analysis (need to answer all these two questions) :

    1. Briefly explain “bare life” and the “problem of nothingness” as discussed in the Dunn chapter from Nutritional Anthropology.
    2. Summarize the other Week 2 Module 7 readings in relation to the chapter by Dunn. What do these populations have in common? Using examples from the readings to explain how the “problem of nothingness” is both biological and cultural.
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