applying concepts project scheduling and budgeting info tech project management

Offex Limited is in the business of selling office equipment in Boston and wishes to increase market visibility by having a presence on the Internet. The CEO of Offex Limited has assigned you the responsibility to analyze the requirements for building the company website.



In this week, you have to focus on the project scheduling and budgeting aspects of the selected project on developing a corporate website.

Based on your understanding of project scheduling and budgeting, address the following:

  • Create the project schedule using Microsoft Project. Use the start date of the course for the first day of the project. The trial run of the software should be at least two weeks before the actual installation.
  • Create a budget sheet for the project in Microsoft Excel. This budget sheet should include the following:
    • Material procurement, including hardware and software.
    • Total person effort (depicting the people in different phases and their efforts).
    • Installation charges.
    • Maintenance charges (annual).
  • It should include the following details:

    • Project objective
    • Manager’s authority
    • Project deliverables
    • Approach of the project

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.


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