APUS Learning and Applying Tests of Significance Social Science Questions




Part 1: In this assignment, you will review mock studies and analyze data within each study. You will need to CAREFULLY follow the directions outlined in each section of the attached document using SPSS. Some of the studies require you to enter data and some require you to use the GSS data set. You will list the five steps of hypothesis testing (as covered in the Learning Material for Week 3) for each Mock Study to see how every question should be formatted. You will decide whether to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Be sure to cut and paste the appropriate SPSS outputs under each problem and interpret the outputs within the context of each mock study.

Part 2: After the Mock Studies, you will choose the appropriate test of significance to apply to your project variables. You will include the 5 steps of hypothesis testing, run the analysis, and explain the results. Copy and paste the relevant tables into the document.

All calculations should be coming from your SPSS. Hand calculation IS not accepted. You are also required to submit the SPSS output file (*.spv) to get credit for this assignment. This spv. file should include ALL your outputs. In other words, continue to save your output file as you conduct each analysis.


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