are antibiotics before surgery effective


  • Part I & II Revisions (Use subheading as appropriate) –

– Part I & II feedback addressed (headings and format as per PART I & II)

If NEW articles for Annotated Bibliography ONLY: Attach PDF (not link) of each NEW article

Articles must answer or clearly address your PICO

  • Finalized PICO (Beginning of Part II- Use subheading: PICO) –

– PICO Appropriately formatted – feedback addressed

  • Synthesis Matrix (Use subheading: Synthesis Matrix) – see Synthesis Matrix Template/Exemplar

– include key themes – populates appropriate data/findings to support themes

  • Synthesis of Findings (Use subheading: Synthesis of Findings) – 1 – 1 ½ pages

include key themes – populates appropriate data/findings to support themes

– clearly communicates synthesis – relationships among findings (caution not to restate your annotated bibliography – look for common themes and relationships among all the findings)

  • Strengths and Weaknesses (Use subheading: Strengths and Weaknesses) – ½ page to ¾ page
  • Overall strengths and weaknesses – pool from the literature (limitations)
  • Summary (Use subheading: Summary – about 1 paragraph – 6 to 8 sentences.

-Summarize your paper (introduction, search, synthesis) in a brief paragraph

  • Conclusion and Future Research (Use subheading: Conclusion and Future Research) – ¾ – 1 page

(In conclusion… ANSWER YOUR PICO).

-What are your own conclusions regarding the evidence? (no new literature necessary)

-What are the implications for nursing practice? (How useful) (no new literature necessary)

*Proposes future research –briefly suggest what should be studied and why –(b/c of your findings & to improve outcomes)-this will set up your proposal for PART IV – most practical – consider a pilot study.

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