As agreed Weekly Assignment for ProfStewart ONLY

Application: Deconstructing Mixed Methods Research
    As a scholar practitioner, it will be important for you to have the skills to deconstruct both quantitative and qualitative research to apply the results to the world of counseling practice. In some instances, researchers take a mixed methods approach and combine both quantitative and qualitative data in one study. Thus, as a scholar practitioner, you need to be able to view a study through both a quantitative and a qualitative lens.
    In this Application, you discover the complex nature of mixed methods research and the types of designs utilized when quantitative and qualitative approaches are combined, and you deconstruct a mixed methods research article.
    The assignment: (2–3 pages)
For this assignment, you will examine the mixed methods research article by Torres, “Latino Definitions of Success: A Cultural Model of Intercultural Competence,” which is provided in the Learning Resources. Using the six frameworks for mixed methods provided in the Hanson article, “Mixed Methods Research Design in Counseling Psychology,”

  • Briefly describe the type of design used by Torres and the timing of the data collection.
  • Briefly describe the theoretical lens that underlies the study.
  • Briefly describe the data analysis procedures used in the study.
  • Explain the rationale for using the mixed method design in this study.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are required to provide a reference list and to appropriately cite, in APA style, all references used within your assignment.
Submit your assignment by Day 4.

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