asking for two things 2

first complete a mini worksheet and then write a paper

Management communication issues

For this assignment I chose


In 2017, Equifax was at the center of one of the worst data breaches in the U.S history. It was revealed that more than 145 million peoples personal information was compromised. CEO Richard Smith and its chief of security officer and chief information officer were forced to step down because they were aware of the system flaw but they did not communicate or inform anyone. They waited for more than 2 months before disclosing about the system flaws. Top Equifax executives have been probed for suspiciously selling $1.8 billion in shares before the data breach was disclosed to the public.

For the worksheet

Topic __________________________________

What is the general thesis?


Define why your topic is a business communication issue.




List three references that supports your idea




Write an informative report (approximately five pages, that includes a summary page, the report and a reference page. Single-spaced, 12 point font and formatted [include charts, bulleted list etc])) . References (5 minimum) must be in APA format.

For the reference you must include one each of the following:

  • Journal Article (That is not the Wall Street one)
  • A newspaper or news website (excluding the Huffington Post)
  • Book or edited book that relates to the topic

Present your materials as a modified formal report. Do not include a cover page. The first page should include name, the title and a brief summary. Please see the attached example. (This is not a term paper)

As with any business report, do not use the first person. This is not about what you think but about what others have to offer. The body of the report should be heavily formatted with headings and subheadings, with lists and charts as needed. Make sure to number every chart or image and include a caption. You should then refer to the number in your report. Cartoons and general images should be avoided.

The report should be about five pages:

Page 1: Title and Summary

Page3-4: The report, include the title and your name at the top of page 2

Page 5: Reference Page

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