assignment describe pathroute electrical impulse takes receptor effector

ASSIGNMENT: Describe the path/route that an electrical impulse takes from the receptor to effector in the withdrawl/flexor reflex. Describe the arc as this reflex would occur if the painful stimulus was on the sole of your foot and the effector was a knee flexor. Your description should include all neurons, specific nerves, roots, horns, and location of synapses as well as correct use of the following terms: sensory, motor, excitation/excitatory, interneuron, nociceptor, spinal cord, and synapse. For full credit your description will include the correct order of events/structures and indicate cause and effect relationships. DESCRITPTION: One page or less, 10 12 size font, space and a half (or double spaced). Use full sentence, paragraph form. No introduction is needed; no background or extra information is needed. Just stick to the question asked and describe the reflex arc as directly and succinctly as possible
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