Assignment Details – Introduction to Management

Assignment Details 20SM BUS-1170-D01 Introduction to Management
wnen you WAIL your response to tne wilowing questions:
• Summarize each element as it relates to your organization. For example, is it centralized, what is the span of control, and so on. • What is one benefit of the organization’s structure as shown in its organizational chart? • What is one challenge of the organization’s structure as shown in its organizational chart?
Write at least a one paragraph response. Share your response with your classmates and provide meaningful comments that demonstrate comprehension and analysis to at least three of your peers’ posts. You may consider answering questions such as
• Where do you see similarities/differences in organizational structures? • How do you agree/disagree?
Complete your post and comment on others’ posts before the due date, and always use correct spelling and proper grammar. Refer to the rubric to guide you through this portion of the assignment by clicking on the above cog icon and selecting “Show rubric.”

e one peer post (from Discussion Forum submitted in Module 2.1) (300 words) Instructions: Each student is required to critique an original post of a peer. MGT502_Assessment_2_Brief_Discussion Forum_Module 4.2
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LAUREATE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITIES’ Your critique should include commentary on:
• Whether the original post is comprehensive. Please identify rnissing components, if any, and provide constructive feedback. • Have all plausible characteristics been identified? • Are one or rnore examples provided? Provide a critique on the examples and their suitability in supporting statements. • You must include reference to literature. o Use at least 4 In-text dtatlons per part. o Reference the book, artkle, or document using APA 6th style in the final referencelist.
Part 3: Summarise learning (300 words) Instructions: Each student is required to reflect on:
• How your views of effective business communication have changed since your original post. • What are the 3 key points you have learned from the discussions during this course and how you can apply that knowledge in the future • Give one or rnore practical examples of how to apply peer review in your professional development. • You must include reference to the literature. o Use at least 4 in-text citations per part. o Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the final referencelist.
Please ensure your submit your Discussion Forum Report by 11:55 prn AEST by end of Module 4.2
Students are responsible for: • Staying within the word lirnit • Keeping drafts and backups of their assignment • Submitting the assignment via Blackboard by the due date • Ensuring their assignment is written and submitted while observing and comrnitting to the Academic Integrity policy
Please note that if you require an extension for this assignment, you must apply using the university application form and provide verifiable evidence of extenuating circumstances tekv, the due date and include your most recent draft. Please also treat the prescribed word limit as a limit not to be breached.
It is essential that you use the appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing here skills/referencing
Submission Instructions:
Subrnit your initial post via the Assessment 2 Discussion Forum link in the Assessment section found in the main navigation rnenu of the subject Blackboard

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