Average Daily Census or Number of Patient Visits per Day Report




Identify your desired healthcare setting and healthcare administrator role for the scenario.  You may select one of the Options listed below for your report. It is important to note that your selected healthcare facility is part of a large healthcare system and you are one of the many administrators that the system has but you will be playing the role of the executive leader for your specific healthcare setting within your organization’s large healthcare system.

Based on your selected healthcare setting and role, you will be presenting information at the next executive leadership meeting. Each administrator for your organization will be presenting information to the healthcare system’s executive leadership team, and you are required to complete the strategic planning report as part of your presentation. You will use the Strategic Planning Report Template, provided below, to prepare for this upcoming meeting. Each topic will need to be sufficiently addressed with supporting evidence that will assist the executive leadership team in preparing for next year’s budget and related to updating the strategic plan for your facility.

Assignment Requirements:

Complete the Strategic Planning Report using the Word document template provided within this assignment prompt. You will complete this report for the meeting, ensuring that each question provides the executive leadership team with the appropriate amount of details with supporting external evidence, so your facility’s budget and strategic plan are ready for the upcoming fiscal year. You will need to include at least three APA formatted references from the last five years with correlating in-text citations for the report. Please ensure that an APA 7th edition title page, the report, and an APA 7th edition reference page are provided.

Healthcare Setting and Role Options:

Option 2: Ambulatory Director for a multispecialty ambulatory surgery center (ASC) that is Medicare-certified, accepts private insurance, is located in the state of Maryland with an average daily census of 17, and is one of the 40 ASCs for your nonprofit healthcare system


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