balance sheet and income statement shown below are kryloc inc you will find firm has no amor

The balance sheet and income statement shown below are for Kryloc Inc. You will find that the firm has no amortization charges. It also does not lease any assets and none of its debt must be retired during the next 5 years. The notes payable will be rolled over. Balance Sheet (Millions of $) Assets 2010 Cash and securities $ 2,500 Accounts receivable 11,500 Inventories 16,000 Total current assets $30,000 Net plant and equipment $20,000 Net plant and equipment $20,000 Total assets $50,000 Liabilities and Equity Accounts payable $9,500 Notes payable 7,000 Accruals 5,500 Total current liabilities $22,000 Long term bonds $15,000 Total debt $37,000 Common stock $2,000 Retained earnings 11,000 Total common equity $13,000 Total liabilities and equity $50,000 Income Statement (Millions of $) 2010 Net sales $87,500 Operating costs except depreciation 81,813 Depreciation 1,531 Earnings bef interest and taxes (EBIT) $4,156 Less interest 1,375 Earnings before taxes (EBT) $2,781 Taxes 973 Net income $1,808 Other data: Shares outstanding (millions) 500.00 Common dividends $632.73 Int rate on notes payable & L T bonds 6.25% Federal plus state income tax rate 35% Year end stock price $43.39 Assignment Questions i.What is the firm’s current ratio? ii.What is the firm’s quick ratio? iii.What is the firm’s “days sales outstanding” (DSO)? Assume a 365 day year for this calculation. iv.What is the firm’s total assets turnover? v.What is the firm’s inventory turnover ratio? vi.What is the firm’s TIE? vii.What is the firm’s debt/assets ratio? viii.What is the firm’s ROA? ix.What is the firm’s ROE? x.What is the firm’s dividends per share? xi.What is the firm’s EPS? xii.What is the firm’s P/E ratio? xiii.What is the firm’s book value per share?
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